Spirulina &
Quinoa &
Kale &

Fresh organic produce & Gluten Free & Dairy Free & Processed Sugar Free.

Solomon’s is based around catering for all walks of life regardless of beliefs and needs. Whether the common carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, paleo, allergics, food sensitives, GAPS follower or just the overall health conscious. As we personally feel, no one diet is suitable for all individuals, with each persons bodily needs, differing from the next.

Since leaving high-school thirteen years ago, I started to find myself reacting to a large list of everyday common food-groups. With what seemed to be as quick as overnight, I increasingly found myself becoming more and more sensitive to an ever-growing list of dairy products, gluten, sugars, eggs, nightshades, legumes and a whole lot more.

Within these years, whether home or abroad I have always struggled to find a place that would not only accommodate for my needs (without being treated like a sore-thumb) but also accommodate for my family and friends, that would generously sacrifice their fulfilment just for us to dine-out together.

So with this in mind, along came the idea for ‘Solomon’s’. Food not only for the forgotten demographic, those deemed painful and picky, but also their family and friends.